How much does VShojo control its talent and their content?

Our management of talent is a slider that they control, if they wish to have our support when it comes to their content creation we will step in. Autonomy is a huge factor in our company’s mantra. We do not push them to be more “lewd” or anything of the sort; what you see is what the talent wishes to be seen.

Do you set their schedules?

No, the talent are free to stream as much or little as they wish.

Did you poach or buy your talent?

No, we offer highly competitive agreements with our talent that incentives growth. We did not pay for them to join our company.

Are you planning Generations?

NO, we believe that the generations model isn’t appropriate for the kind of culture and community we wish to foster. All future talent will be considered of the same “generation” as everyone else.

When did VShojo start?

November 24th 2020 was our launch date.

What am I allowed to upload?

Check out the guidelines/legal page.

Do we control our talent’s social media?

No, they’re free to post whatever they’d like and provide guidance when desired.

What does VShojo provide their talent?

Support, Management, and Outreach. We leverage our strong network from years of experience in the streaming and content creation space to support our talent and their dreams as creators.
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